A Great Week For Team X

What a great week for our Team X bowlers and customers.

First and foremost we have a new house record at Town & Country Lanes. David Strohl rolled his Storm Lock all the way to a 280-300-278/858 set which eclipsed the old record of 857 set last season by Terry Heckman (Storm IQ Gold Pearl).

Also staffer Brent Tishuk took down the PJBT Buddies Pro Shop Tournament series title at AMF Parkway Lanes on Sunday using his Storm Code Black for most of the event. Brent had just been knocked out of the Lehigh Valley Masters Tournament at Haja Rose Bowl where he made a great run to finish 5th/6th and drove straight over to Parkway Lanes to compete.
Brent followed up his victory on Sunday by rolling an 823 set lasat Friday night (241,300,280) at Blue Valley Lanes and an 833 set last night at Town & Country Lanes once again with his Storm Code Black.

Our newest staff addition Rich Salobecke didn’t take long to assert himself as a formidable presence on the lanes rolling a 813 set last night at Town & Country Lanes. Rich has had a long history of bowling accomplishments and we’re more than happy to have him back home. Rich used his Roto Grip No Rules during his first two games and then switched to the Storm Code Black for game three.

Staffer Mike Magolan rolled his first PBA 300 during the PBA La-Z-Boy Central Challenge Regional event in Monroe, MI. Mike used his Motiv Covert Revolt enroute to his award score. The conditions during this event were very challenging as the cut to make match play was minus for the field. The oil pattern used was the 41′ PBA World Championship Pattern.

Eric Metz, now attending Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh, was back home for the holidays and filled in last night with some friends in the Gary Piripavel Memorial League at Town & Country. In the second game of his set Eric rolled his FIRST EVER 300 game with his Columbia Swerve.
Eric’s brother Kyle Metz, using his DV8 Freakshow Solid nearly matched his brothers efforts on the pair next door during the last game rolling the first 9 strikes before a 10 pin ending his run on his way to a 769 set.
Kyle and his doubles partner (and staffer) Scott Santos took the Open Doubles Tournament title in TJ Trouts event at Strike Zone Lanes in Pottsville, PA on Sunday. BowlerX also took home the 5th place spot in the event with Krista Sandt and Rob Jennings teaming together.

To the East last night at Oakwood Lanes Bill Henderson was rolling a 300 game with his Roto Grip Hyper Cell and a 777 set. The night before James Winterfeld rolled a 300/826 set at Oakwood with his JUST drilled Storm Code Black.

This past Friday night also saw some big scores as Kris Pruzinsky nailed down a 823 set at Haja Rose Bowl with his Roto Grip Wreck It. Chris Kishbaugh started with the first 24 strikes of the night at Blue Valley Lanes to record a 300-300-223/823 set with his 900 Global Respect Solid.

On Sunday at Limerick Lanes Stanton Lederer and his son Aiden took down the handicap doubles title and coach Frank Miller and Chloe ODonnell took second place.

Out in Ohio staffer Chuckie Zarbaugh brought home the 31st Annual Youngstown Masters Title.

Oh, and…. we sold a GOLD Mission Unknown to one of our online customers in New London, Connecticut. The 14lb. ball was sitting on our shop floor for the last 4 weeks. The funny part of the story (funny for us) is that two customers purchased 14lb. Unknowns and they shipped to the same address in the same box. Once they realized one was a GOLD ball they didn’t know who’s belonged to who…

What award scores and tournament/league victories will come our way this week??

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